What Is Depression

What is depression is a question you may be asking if someone you know or yourself is suffering from one of a handful of different symptoms. The term depression is described in the dictionary as a noun. Feelings of dejection and severe despondency create self-doubt. This self-doubt quickly cultivates into depression. Depression is by all technicalities a mood disorder.

Symptoms of Depression

Persistent sadness combined with the loss of interest typically are the most common symptoms of depression. Frequent frustration, anger, and happiness, irritability and or trouble concentrating or focusing are common signs of depression. Lack of energy, loss of interest in fun or pleasurable activities, sleep issues and the craving of unhealthy foods are also signs that someone may be suffering from the medical condition known as depression. While nobody knows exactly what causes depression we do know some of the key factors that bring it on.

Causes of Depression

Abuse is one of the key factors in vulnerability to having clinical depression in life. Different forms of abuse including physical, sexual, or emotional can all cause depression. Depression can also be brought on due to certain unexpected situations such as the loss of a loved one, sudden financial issues or relationship problems. Certain medications prescribed by your doctor can also lead to depression. If you experience the symptoms or signs of depression and are currently prescribed medications by your doctor be sure to bring this to their attention.

Depression Isn’t the Same for Everyone and Neither is the Treatment

When seeking treatment for depression a psychiatrist or physician is best equipped to provide the answers to the questions you have. Depression is very similar to anxiety and caused by one of many different situations. Each form of depression like anxiety requires a different method of treatment. A combination of psychological counseling and medication is typically effective for most individuals who live with depression.

Depression, however, does not always have to be treated by medication. Spiritual enlightenment has helped many treat their depression and many others are turning to natural plant based alternatives. Simple daily tasks such as gardening or participating in vital functions throughout the community through slow involvement help many people to lose the feelings of worthlessness and dismay but all too often control individuals suffering from depression. The behavioral disorder side of depression comes from individuals who suffer from symptoms such as schizophrenia or who are bipolar. A chemical imbalance in the body requires certain medications in order to control the symptoms of aggression, sadness, and pain all of which are very commonly suffered by those who experience depression.

Depression Doesn’t Just Affect the Sufferer

If you are someone you know is affected by depression chances are it’s not only affecting them. Depression reaches out and also affects the circle surrounding the main individual inflicted by this disorder. Left untreated depression can creep on to other individuals almost as if it is contagious. If you or someone you know suffers from depression then please find a solution that works for you. What works for one person may not work for another. That is why you should know as many of the options and alternatives that are out there when it comes to helping treat depression both medically and naturally.

Education is Key Because No One is Safe from Depression

Depression does not discriminate. It reaches out and affects whoever it wants at any time. Depression can be triggered by traumatizing life events that have already happened or ones that just occurred. If you or someone you know suffers from depression help is available. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of though many people who live with this condition oftentimes hide it for far too long.  It is detrimentally important that people are educated to the facts of what depression is, what causes it and the many different treatment options that are available. Almost everyone in the world knows someone who suffers from depression or have experienced it themselves first hand at least once. Knowing how to interact with those who suffer daily and how to find relief should depression reach out and effect you is key to helping everyone who finds themselves within the grasp of this overwhelming condition.

Understanding that depression can affect anyone at any time and that it truly is suffered by people everywhere is the first step to helping anyone with this condition. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and is not something someone should feel bad about talking with others about as sharing knowledge with others is a great line of defense to attack this condition that affects so many people around the globe.  With the information you’ve obtained in this article, you are now ready to help answer the question for someone else when they ask, what is depression?